Brief history

Based on a research we conducted in some part of Northern Nigeria (in some parts of Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina, Kaduna and Kano States) we found out that many small scale businesses has huge decrease of sales as result of insecurity, covid-19 and related social and/or economic norms. There is also huge increase in number of startup businesses using WhatsApp status as marketing avenue, this is more common among the women in the region whom are mostly house wives with limited opportunities to venture into physical markets for commercial activities. The trend is also common among many aspiring small businesses with limited opportunities to showcase their products to larger markets beyond their local communities. Looking at this problems facing the northern entrepreneurs, we felt it is utmost important to create a platform that will provide equal opportunities to everyone across the region and beyond, without having any presence in the physical Market Places. Hence, the creation of halal.ng.

Similarly, over 150 million sales of products and services occurs online according to the national bureau of statistics, with increase in population especially in the north and increase in acceptance of technology, this number is going to increase. Northern Nigeria with its richness in trade and commerce has not fully taken its place in the Nigerian online market. Hence the creation of this platform halal.ng to provide a simple avenue for wholesale and retail businesses in Northern Nigeria to take advantage of this unique growth in the online market place to sell their unique products and services to Nigeria and beyond.

Our Mission

To provide wider avenue for many existing and startup businesses in Nigeria to reach out to a larger audience nationwide and beyond.

To showcase the unique fashion, culture, and lifestyle of Northern Nigeria through e-commerce, to promotes the identity of the region as a region with huge commercial prowess rather than a region of backwardness and illiteracy.

Our Vision

To promote healthy competition in the online market place, by showcasing unique products and services for Nigeria and beyond.