Terms and Conditions

Legal Disclaimer

Halal Business District only provide market avenue on www.halal.ng for trusted vendors to sell their product, no product on halal.ng belongs to Halal Business District. Therefore no legal claim should be filed against Halal Business District for whatsoever reason, all legal actions should be taken against the particular product vendor or the particular buyer as the case may be.

Halal Ethics

Halal‘ is an Arabic word which means lawful or permitted, therefore as the name indicates only lawful products are permitted to be sold on www.halal.ng. All products which violet the moral and religious values of the society are not allowed. Such unlawful products include stolen items, pornographic materials, illegal drugs, alcohol and all other forms of illegal products. Any vendor found guilty of uploading such products on www.halal.ng will be permanently banned and legal actions may be taken against him/her.

Quality Assurance

Only authentic and standard quality product should be sold on www.halal.ng. Substandard items and items not in accordance with specifications on the product page will be return to the vendor for refund or exchange as the case may be. The particular customer has the right to request for refund or replacement of such items as he or she so wishes. The defaulting vendor bears the responsibility of delivery and transaction charges. Any vendor found guilty of such offence in 3 different occasions will be indefinitely suspended.

Refund/Replacement/Exchange Policy

See details on the product page by opening any product available on www.halal.ng

By using this facility you agreed with all our policies, terms and conditions which are subject to change as so wishes by Halal Business District. Have a wonderful shopping experience. Thank you.

Yours, Halal Business District (HBD)


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